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of that could change your grab on umbrella because it looks like we could be in for wet one . scattered storms are expected to make there way to the area. thank you for joining us. we're standing by with more on today's conditions that first -- snack a lot of damage -- a lot of damage and destruction. seeing the pain in my neighbors faces a nightmare.>> indeed it
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mess.-- woke to a mess. it was a tornado that passed through windsor. windows were blown out and trees were uprooted and tossed around and so where the houses as well. it is has been a busy and troubling out elsewhere. at least 2 tornadoes touched down near indianapolis. one tornado had winds clocked at 136 miles per hour . more injured in the storm. most of the people hurt were hit by flying debris. the national weather service said it was an ef 3 tornado which knocked the starbuck restaurant to the ground. to counties in the indianapolis area -- 2 counties in indianapolis area, there exist a state of emergency. emergency workers are using the roads as they try to get through for cleanup. closer to home here in ohio there were possible tornadoes
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tornado hit the high winds left a trail of damage, trees and power lines down . this was the scene of the community of defiance. there was a concert of the group kiss yesterday in downtown toledo but the weather stopped the music. it afternoon again everyone, we're not out of the clear yet -- good afternoon everyone , we're not out of the clear yet. storms are expected to move through the area this thursday, this afternoon see what mother nature has in store for northeast ohio. right now we're looking very nice out there. quiet conditions, but we are heating up. that means the atmosphere should have everything in place but we will see some thunderstorms tonight. here's a look at your satellite and radar. what i want you to notice is how we are starting to get some
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notice here there are breaks in the cloud coverage. that means the sun will break through and it will heat everything up. the cold front will move through in that is where we will see the threat of showers and thunderstorms. current temperature right now 83 degrees. we're headed into the upper 80s near 90 degrees today. 81 new london. 83 in ashland. our highs are going to reach about 90 degrees this afternoon . showers and thunderstorms are widely scattered. it is prevalent and possible . we will in cleveland 2 people found out the hard way that it is dangerous to drive through high waters. the scene was quincy avenue near east 105th street. heavy rains flooded the roads. the drivers and passengers of both cars were able to get out and waiting in the water for safety. the cars stalled in the water which brought out the tow trucks . new information on the
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police tell us 24-year-old erica larison was the woman shot driving on i 77. she walked to a strangers house and asked for help and that is when troopers found her minivan in the middle of the highway. her passenger-side door was riddled with bullet. she is doing okay. she has been released from the hospital as detectives work on a description of the shooter in the car. in canton there was a triple shootin victims were possibly underaged 18 -- under age 18 . when police arrived on scene they found 3 people shot and a 4th knocked unconscious. there will bullet casey's -- casings lining the street. one of the victims appear to have life-threatening wounds. in cleveland the gunfire continues as well. there was a
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serious condition. that man was shot in the 5300 block of quincy avenue. he was shot in the leg and taken to the medical center. no word on any suspects at this time. in italy, the devastation is wide from an earthquake that rocked of the region of the country. it is the day after and rescue operations continued. the death toll continues to rise . the search is frantic because there are people still tracked in the . we have the latest on the story from italy. >> reporter: this video of an aftershock in this ravaged town . this is showing the difficulty first responders face as they try to rescue those trapped underneath debris . this man is lucky to be alive. >> i can only remember i couldn't breathe. i called for help. i was grasping and i thought i was
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devastation the day after that 6.2 magnitude quake seen in this drone video and the visible line warehouses remain untouched and the old city were three quarters of the town is flattened. beyond the destruction, a glimmer of hope. tears of joy when 10-year-old julia was rescued from underneath the rubble. this little boy, another child survived the tremors. firefighters raising the hands asking for silence as they listen to those were >> we work through the night. we have 30 dogs combing the rubble to find anyone who is still alive. >> reporter: picturesque mountain towns now smashed to pieces. homes are unrecognizable and cars are destroyed. italian authorities
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days. they say they will not stop until all survivors are found . a young ohio girl is fighting for her life battling a rare form of cancer. how one sheriffs department is usin social media hoping to help her . drivers, we have another recall to tell you about, how it affects more than 100,000
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4 months we have reported on the troubling spread of the epidemic heroine abuse. sadly it continues. in cincinnati police have reported 32 heroine overdose cases yesterday. one of the overdoses led to a death. this latest overdose in here when cases begin tuesday. in one case a driver who overdosed was driving a car and crashed in an intersection. that person was given to doses of narcan to counter the effect of heroin. another man overdosing in a story. a woman overdosed inside a mcdonald's restaurant. in cincinnati as elsewhere the epidemic has hit hard. police are scrambling to find the suppliers. >> we can try to go after the dealers or the people that are
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>> cincinnati police said there were 16 reported cases of heroin overdoses in an hour and a half. in today's they have responded to more than 60 here when overdoses. for the first time american top doctors are reaching out to every physician in the united states warming them about -- warning them about the opioid epidemic. murphy shared tips for prescribing opioids. it is suggestions included trying other pain relief a purchase first like physical therapy or non-addict medications. from 1999 to 2014, more than 165,000 people in united dates have died from overdoses related to pain medications.
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to fix more than 113,000 vehicles, the first one according to the automaker affects 88,000. the cars are the taurus, flex, lincoln mk x and lincoln and katie. they were all made between 2013 and 2015. also being re-card try recalled are -- may between 2014 and 2015. the 3rd recall is for 23,000 of it's 2017 utility vehicles so dealers can recalibrate the power window software is. owners of the recalled vehicles should take them to dealers for repairs. owners should be notified by mail. >> ? ? this new teacher is trending online for all of the right reasons. the viral video that is letting his students get to know the teacher even before the class
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let's take a look right now . 82 degrees and it is only getting hotter. we talk about the potential for thunderstorms this afternoon coming up in
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a 6-year-old wayne county girl is fighting for her life. she has a rare form of cancer that affects the brain and spinal cord. the sheriffs department is taking to social media asking the community to rally around her. >> reporter: the wayne county sheriffs office is using facebook rolled madison and her family. the captain sat with her inside his cruiser. the facebook video is a part of a series called the daily update. it was posted last night and already has more than 13,000 views. madison recently had a tumor the size of a lemon removed from her brain. now she is undergoing chemo forcing her to miss major milestones. >> yesterday was my first day
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transfusion. >> reporter: her chemo treatment will continue until may 17 which means a lot more trips to the doctors. the sheriffs office is asking people to send gift cards for gas as well as cards. in the video she is talking about how the treatment makes her feel sick but she is fighting. >> when we went up to the doctor i got out and i saw th when i got out again i got to pet another dog. >> those of you that are working with therapy dogs, this is a big benefit. she remembers the dogs very well . >> reporter: there is a fundraiser planned for madison and her family. if you would like to send her a card we have the address on our newsnet 5 app. >> you hang in there madison. we love you. we really do. it is lunchtime. maybe
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if you want to get a bite to eat you may consider stopping at chipotle. they are donating 50 percent of its sales to a good cause. it is going to the north union farmers market. that will help people who produce and make there own forward -- food here . you have to remember that and mention it when you are ordering your food. >> [ video playback ] ? ? the bars, spitting out rhymes and becoming a viral hit with this rap video he created for his 4th grade students. >> [ video playback ] >> if i can get my kids on board with me, connecting with
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the wrapping teacher who is new to the classroom also says he is new to the rap game. this is the first music video he has ever ordered. >> it is kind of catchy. i would like to listen to that when i'm cruising in my car. >> if you want to get your story out you have to wrap a song even if it's our weather cast it shouldn't take too long. here's the weather story maybe it's for rain, maybe it's for heat. look in the sky and tell me what you see hey what the weather be. >> that is what i'm talking about leon. i'm going to be your manager because i have no rhythm. we have to make a rap about tonight's weather because we have some thunderstorms on the way. it is possible -- right now it looks like the daytime heating is taking effect. 82 degrees is the big
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afternoon. what are you eating for lunch? i would love to know. tweet me. i am starting. as we head throughout the day -- starving . as we head throughout the day we have been waiting for these thunderstorms to arrive here we have had lots of clouds of this morning and you can definitely feel the humidity in the air. current temperatures are climbing. 85 degrees in manier west, 81 new london. 83 ashland . i talked about the humidity, the moisture content in the atmosphere -- right now we are seeing dewpoint pretty high between 70 and 71. that is between an uncomfortable and oppressive. as we take it hour by hour, these temperatures are going to rise near 90 degrees. it is going to be hot this afternoon. it will definitely be warm. the threat for thunderstorms
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were waiting for the cold front to pass through along with instability that he can provide . on the future cast at 7:30 p.m. , notice it is showing scattered showers. i do think we could get some isolated thunderstorms, some of which may be pretty strong or some that have good wind gust in them . we have to monitor that situation and see what materializes. friday morning we make some cloudy conditions with some isolated showers. wherever you can catch all of your weather updates on cleveland star 102 and 95 cleveland classic rock. stick around, leon and i will take you out of here just after
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one last check of your forecast power 5 7-day forecast: 90 today. we're warming up as we head toward the weekend as well.>> still hanging in the 90s this late in august. that is going to do it. take care. >> closed captioning is brought
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hi. today on spotlight 5 were going to check in with retirement and financial expert l smith. -- bill smith . he is standing by with today's retirement tip. welcome to this week's money tip. many of you receive dividend income for your investment but primarily for income during your retirement. have you ever wondered how a company or a stock determines when they paid a dividend or how much that dividend will be? a publicly traded company that decides to pay dividends uses the residuals stability or hybrid compromise approach. the residual approach means a company relies on internally generated equity to finance
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requirements are met, dividend payments come out of that leftover equity -- equity . the stability route is aimed to reduce some of the uncertainty and provide income consistently. the hybrid approach combines both. the residual instability approach. many companies use this approach today. they typically use a one step dividend quarterly or yearly earnings and then extra dividends are paid when income exceeds general levels. caution: dividends are never guaranteed, never. make sure you are careful in understanding how much risk you have. a sign of good health could be dividend but also dividends that are a lot higher is too much risk. make sure
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today's money tip. if you would like more information, tune into retirement solutions with l smith sundays at noon. you can also -- bill smith sundays at noon. you can also call the office or log onto the website.
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